Mobile HSC for Phone Users

Hyperspectral Camera Diagram Cell Phone

Revolutionize Material Analysis with Your Smartphone

Traditional HyperSpectral Imaging (HSI) equipment is bulky and expensive. However, AITek's first patented technology revolutionizes material analysis by making it accessible in a mobile format. Imagine having a powerful scientific tool at your fingertips with a mobile Hyperspectral Camera (HSC). This innovative device allows you to unlock the hidden secrets of everyday materials, all from your smartphone. AITek's innovative design makes cutting-edge HSI technology accessible to everyone.

Unveiling New Possibilities with On-the-Go Analysis

The mobile HSC empowers users to analyze materials on-the-go, simplifying quality control processes and opening doors to a world of new possibilities. All this comes at a price that won't break the bank. AITek further unlocks deeper insights with AI-powered analysis and inference. This technology goes beyond just capturing data (60 or 120 bands). Enhanced AI models take your analysis a step further, allowing you to gain richer insights from your findings and unlock the full potential of HSI, without the need for extensive training or expertise.

Applications Across Diverse Fields

The applications of this technology can be tailored for a wide range of fields, including personal health, eye/skin analysis, food/agriculture inspection, art authentication, construction, environmental science, and more.